Location,NC 27603 ,USA
  1. Rainbow – Prod. By: T Hookz 2:40
  2. No Jumper THookz 3:29
  3. Tripple Threat THookz 3:37
  4. Gingerbread Men T Hookz 1:43
  5. Trap Spot T Hookz 1:45
  6. Happy Woe – Prod. By T Hookz 2:07
  7. In the 9 – THookz 2:47
  8. Flicker – Produced By: T Hookz T Hookz 2:35

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"Thookz, smack 'em in the head with another one!"
Howard is a real estate agent who also rides bikes
Music Enthusiast
"Thookz helped me find my sound, and is my go to for beats"
Purcella is a pop artist from NC
Pop Artist
"I've known Thookz since the 3rd grade. He's one of the few people I can really trust."
Tyler Parrish is an artist with late and early influences
Tyler Parrish